If are you looking for the best Nigerian Newspaper Online? Punch Newspaper is the most popular newspaper in Nigerian. It is a common readable newspaper for Nigeria and anyone reads Punch Newspaper online. Punch Newspapers started their journey in 2003 for online readers and it was founded 1971/1973.

This Punch Newspaper up to date their latest news of Nigeria and international news. This Nigerian newspaper based on Business, Politics, Human Fact, Showbiz, Health, Local and international breaking news, Fashion, Technology, Daily Publication, Lifestyle and much more included.

Punch Newspapers Online - The Popular Newspaper in Nigeria

Punch Newspaper of Nigeria Today –

Punch Newspaper is an award-winning online Nigerian newspaper. Daily over 80,000 readers follow and reading this newspaper online and offline. It is the best daily newspaper for every family of Nigerian. It is the most widely Newspaper online. This newspaper publisher by Wale Aboderin and he is the journalist, businessman of Nigeria. He is also chairman of Punch Nigeria Ltd.

Aboderin is a 61 years OLD-man and born in 1958 in Nigeria. His father has founded the publishing house the first time. It is the widest newspaper in Nigeria and as the Vanguard, The Day and The Nation.

Nigerian Newspapers Read Them Online –

Nigeria Newspaper Read Online version is available online. Different types of Nigeria Online Newspaper Online published daily for readers. If you follow this newspaper, you will get daily breaking news of Nigeria. Those Nigerian online newspaper published local and international up to date news daily. Let’s see the most common and popular Nigeria newspaper online.


2. Vanguard Online Newspaper.

3. DailyTrustNG Newspaper Online.

4. The Guardian Online Newspaper.

5. Sunnewsonline Paper.

6. The Nation Newspaper Online.

7. Nigeria Tribune Online.

8. This Day Live Online Newspaper.

9. Business Day Online Nigeria Newspaper.

10. Leadership – is the common vanguard online Nigerian newspaper.

Above all the newspaper is the most common and popular Nigerian Newspaper Headline Today. These Newspapers published all categories news nationally or internationally. If you want any latest news in Nigeria country, follow the above newspaper and you will get all the sources of breaking news daily headline.

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